What We Do

We lead business transformations

for the brave and the bold

We do “change management” the way Google does “internet-related services”, we won’t stop until the whole world is on another level. We ideate the future of your business, strategize your next steps and help you deploy the change you need.

We don’t care if you’re a multinational family-owned mega-corporation or the third-generation SME, we want to lead your next transformation with humanity, humility and GNAK for the heart.

this is not a team building exercise

Warning : this is not

a team building exercise

We don’t recommend you call GNAK unless you’re ready to tackle your biggest doubts. Side-effects may include: extreme excitement, loss of inhibitions, increased risk-taking, and rapid gains in altitude.

Are you scared yet?

Choose GNAK if you’re looking to have the maximum impact on your:

Company culture
Executive governance
Organizational structure
Business model
Strategic planning

We work with large families . . .

One day or another, all great dynasties must reckon with their future.

Here’s what it takes…


 A tailor-made workshop facilitated and supported to create an immersive collaboration space for top decision-makers to crack their biggest issues. We deploy a one- or two-day workshop that will reveal the stakes, align your project team and co-generate a transformation journey. At the end of this workshop, we guarantee you’ll leave with a better plan for your organization’s future.


Come set up camp with GNAK and join the intimate circle that will ignite your transformation. At the Navigation Camp NavCampTM, you’ll be accompanied by a transformation coach. He or she is there to build your confidence, impose a structure and elevate your decision-making. This coach will act as your heartbeat, your regulator, and your guru in twice monthly meetings to ensure you are supported when it’s time to make the tough decisions—or simply keep steady hands on the wheel.


Work with the most unique minds and gain access to the personalities that are right for you. We select from an ecosystem of thought leaders, pioneers and revolutionaries to infuse the WOW effect for any strategic need. Take advantage of the most exciting lead facilitators, graphic facilitators, coaches and strategic storytellers from around the world. We orchestrate all these components to ensure a smooth and successful transformation.

Because it’s the accompaniment you deserve.


. . . and with small families,

teams or brands

Just because your aren’t the size of a municipality doesn’t mean you’re not worth walking the walk, and GNAKing the GNAK.

We know the demand to run a tightly knit organization means you work at a different pace, so we’ve crafted a TRANSFORMATION COACHING PROGRAM that unites the resources of all our offers into one package.

What if your next strategy was written by an astronaut?

The Transformation Coaching Program allows you to be accompanied by a Change Management Coach over the course of your strategic project. Pick and choose the number of modules and workshops that best fits your timeline and we’ll offer a subscription fee shared over the entire course of the Program.

This allows for maximum flexibility and support with a bill that won’t break your balance. We only ask that you bring a maximum of blood, sweat and tears into this program—we guarantee the results will be worth it.