Who We Are

We are the disruptors
of the corporate consulting


of the corporate consulting

There is no limit with regards to age, gender, race, religion, socio-economic background and the like when it comes to genius. Why would there be when it comes to creating the most value?

What if your next executive management was led by a child prodigy?

We want to work with those who have the guts to break down the barriers, the walls and the silos that keep us apart.

We work with those who need to change the world, because good isn’t good enough. We work with brands who play at work, and work at their passions. We work with dynasties that have conquered the world but still want to conquer the heart. We work with you because it’s a feeling, but also because you know what’s right. 

When you choose to work with Gnak, you choose to be challenged

When you choose to work with Gnak,

When you choose Gnak,

you choose to be challenged

Your fellowship of challengers will be:

Human and humanists who believe in the infinite potential of our humanity

Unique in their “field”, acting as beacons for those walking the journey to success

A touch crazy, because it takes a leap of faith to prove yourself

What if your next coach was Serena Williams?

Our job is to bring them together,
their job is to make you thrive

Our job is to bring them together,

their job is to make you thrive

Every day we are guided by these principles, ensuring we are flexible, fast and effective.


We care about you and your interests. We help you evolve by finding within yourselves the answers you are looking for. We always speak the truth and use every means to help. We put ethics and your trust above everything and never give up our authenticity.


We infuse passion, enthusiasm and fun in everything we do. We want to be role models and inspire you to improve and develop your potential in the most innovative and efficient ways. To find the best solutions for you, we shake up our world until we find the recipe that will add value to our work.


We come together to build great ideas. We listen to each other and explore new solutions as a team. We enjoy every mission as a challenge to translate your needs into creative, original and ambitious journeys. Proof of our curiosity and spirit, we are never afraid to think big and outside the box.


Our ultimate quest is to create the WOW effect. Through our attitude, we push new boundaries, every day! No matter what others think or say, we stand for what we believe in and challenge you to leave your comfort zone for good. We are risk-takers and spread the Winning spirit in everything we do.